The Multiannual Financial Framework and the social agenda

Oliver Dreute, Advisor on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the European Commission’s European Political Strategy Centre, speaks out on how the next Multiannual Financial Framework can provide a more social Europe for all.

In an article written for the European Political Strategy Centre Dreute identifies the three key areas the future EU budget should target in order to have a meaningful impact on jobs, fairness and social inclusion:


Dreute argues that a major focus of EU spending should be on securing growth and employment by fostering innovation and the dissemination of innovative knowledge. Dreute continues that the best social policy is one that fosters optimum education and training, as well as securing and creating stable jobs with decent working conditions.


Although social support is primarily the responsibility of Member States, Dreute believes that the EU budget could complement their work through supporting social innovation and social projects, supporting skills development, labour market integration projects and the fight against poverty.


In his final key area of action Dreute asserts that, rather than tackling acute problems with tools created on an ad hoc basis, future EU funding of emergency measures should target macroeconomic stabilisation and be based on a sufficient budgetary reserve. In addition to this Dreute suggests consideration for the development of a European Unemployment Insurance Scheme.

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