Para servicios sociales

  • Tenga acceso a préstamos de calidad e inversión privada
  • Mejor comprensión y acceso al Plan Europeo de Inversiones que incluye el Fondo Europeo para Inversiones Estratégicas (FEIE)
  • Evaluar qué opción es la más adecuada a su necesidad específica
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    • Invierta en el sector de servicios sociales
    • Mejor comprensión del sector de Servicios Sociales y sus necesidades de inversión
    • Evalúe cómo el Plan Europeo de inversiones puede apoyarlo a la hora de invertir en los planes de inversión de proveedores de servicios sociales
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Organismos públicos

    • Encuentre nuevas soluciones para invertir en infraestructuras sociales e innovación
    • Mejor comprensión y acceso al Plan Europeo de Inversiones incluyendo el Fondo Europeo para Inversiones Estratégicas (FEIE)
    • Evalúe qué opción es más adecuada para sus necesidades específicas y para planes de inversión
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¿Qué es el Plan Europeo de Inversiones? ¿Qué es el Fondo Europeo para Inversiones Estratégicas (FEIE)?

El Plan Europeo de Inversiones es una importante iniciativa desarrollada por la Unión Europea y el Banco Europeo de Inversiones con el propósito de ayudar a acceder a fondos (préstamos) para empresas que incluye proveedores de servicios sociales.

El brazo operativo principal del Plan Europeo de Inversiones es el Fondo Europeo para Inversiones Estratégicas (FEIE).

FEIE facilita el acceso y la mejora de préstamos de calidad usando dinero europeo como garantía para los inversores privados. Hasta la fecha, FEIE ha ayudado a que unas 100.000 PYME y proyectos de Infraestructura consigan acceso a más préstamos (en cuanto a número) y a préstamos más decentes (en términos y condiciones) como, por ejemplo, con un interés mejor de lo que hubieran conseguido sin la intervención de FEIE

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¿Por qué el Plan europeo de Inversión es importante en el Sector Social?

El Plan Europeo de Inversiones es una herramienta útil para proveedores de servicios sociales, inversores y organismos públicos que busquen mejores condiciones para inversiones para el sector privado. El Plan Europeo de Inversiones podría ayudar a proyectos de inversión social que tengan como objetivo:

Construir nuevas infraestructuras: viviendas, centros de rehabilitación, centros de día, etc.

Desarrollar capital humano: formación y reeducación de empleados, etc.

Innovar en la previsión de servicios sociales: probar nuevas formas de servicios, digitalización de servicios, etc.

Descubra qué programa de financiación le es más adecuado.

Próximos eventos


Creation of the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure

The main representatives of the social services, health, education, social housing and ageing sectors at European level have joined forces to help unlock investment into local innovative social infrastructure projects which would help to further improve the quality of service provision across the continent. This newly created Steering Board for Social Infrastructure brings together EASPD Housing Europe Eurohealthnet Lifelong Learning Platform FEANTSA AGE Platform The objective is clear: provide the EU institutions with a single point of contact with the different social sectors across Europe in order to develop policies which target the needs of the sectors involved and to build up the capacity of the different stakeholders involved. Helping ot build-up a pipeline of investment projects is also an important priority. In October 2018, the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure organised a launch event to present the new coalition, raise awareness about some of the bottlenecks to finance and pave the way for further investment. The Conference was also the opportunity to present the Steering Board's position paper on InvestEU, which was also followed up by a Scoping Note indicating where are the biggest investment needs for social infrastructure projects. The Steering Board is continuing its activities in 2019 to make sure the social sector's needs are known, respected and well-understood by all stakeholders involved.    

European Commission propose new InvestEU programme for next EU Budget

The European Union is currently negotiating its next multi-annual financial framework (EU budget) for the period 2021-2027. As part of this framework, the European Commission has proposed to create the InvestEU programme, which will serve as an extension to the EU Investment Plan and, broadly speaking, function as a similar instrument: to help organisations get access to better loans. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union are currently negotiating with the European Commission on the InvestEU programme. Based on our engagement with national social service providers over the last few years, EASPD has actively played a role in supporting the design of InvestEU itself, as well as bringing fresh ideas into the current negotiation; outlined in the following documents: EASPD’s position on the next EU budget proposal Social Services Europe’s Initial Remarks on the EU budget proposal Social Services Europe’s position on the European Commission’s InvestEU proposal The Steering Board for Social Infrastructure’s Position Paper on the European Commission’s InvestEU proposal EASPD is continuing to monitor the ongoing negotiations and an analysis of the final agreement will be made available on this website.

Learn more about the Council of Europe Development Bank

The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) also provides decent loans and advisory support to social sector projects across Europe as a whole, not just the EU 28. The CEB targets in particular countries in Central, Eastern and South Europe, such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and Turkey. Past projects invested in by CEB includes Finland – 2006: building new rented houses/apartments for youngsters with intellectual disabilities. €100 million EUR via Pohjola Bank. Romania – 2006: social centres for vulnerable children and families. €10mln to nat° gov. Slovenia – 2008: municipal investments in favour of the elderly. €30mln to reg° gov. France – 2014: financing the renovation, expansion & improvement of care centers for dependent population. €150 mln through BPCE Bank. Belgium – 2017: Financing renovation & expansion of retiring & nursing homes. €200 mln via Belfius Bank   For more information about how the Council of Europe Development Bank can help you, please Read EASPD's Briefing Note on the services the CEB offers (March 2019)