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Getting access to decent loans is never easy. Here are a few tips which could help you along the way.

Getting a loan requires adequate preparation. It also requires a certain level of experience and financial expertise. Don’t worry:

  • the European Investment Advisory Hub can help you. Either directly or through its partner institutions, the Hub can provide advisory and technical assistance to support the development of your project from a financial perspective. This assistance helps to make your projects investment-ready, find suitable funding sources and access a range of relevant expertise. You can contact the Hub here.
  • The InnovFin Advisory is also there to help you for research & innovation projects. InnovFin Advisory can help to guide you on how to structure your R&I project in order to improve your access to finance. The service will help you to capitalise on your strong points and adjust certain elements linked to the business model, governance, funding sources and financing structure of your project. You can contact the InnovFin Advisory here


Your local banks may already be using these programmes, but may not think it can help social service providers. Speak to them to see if they are using these programmes and explore if they could be used for your projects.

Check the Programmes and Options page to see which local bank is using the EIB or EFSI instruments. 

If your local banks aren’t yet using these programmes, tell them about the support these programmes could bring to them (See Investors Page).

Your local authorities may not know about the Framework Agreements or the other programmes. Make sure they are aware of the benefits such programmes may bring to them. Many local authorities already do have such Framework Agreements, in which case there may be opportunities for you. (See Public Authorities page)

If you have a question about the programmes or wish to contact the EIB, you just need to fill in the contact form or give them a call. They will have people available in all EU languages.

You can find the EIB Contact Form here

A number of other sectors (Social Housing, Health, Education) have far more experience of accessing these programmes than the social sector. Make sure you speak to them and learn. You can find a list of success stories on the dedicated page or by visiting the EIB's website.

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