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EaSI Guarantee


The European Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Guarantee aims to help you invest into social entreprises in loans of up to €500,000. 

How does it work:

You can receive EIF guarantees and counter-guarantees, therefore proving you with a partial credit risk protection for your investment into social enterprises.


  • Being a financial institution, guarantee scheme, guarantee institution, foundations, family offices, social investment funds or other institutions duly authorised to provide loans/guarantees or risk-sharing structures according to the applicable legislation.
  • Must comply with the provisions, selection criteria and eligibility criteria set out in a term sheet.
  • The Guarantee Rate can cover up to 80% of the loan granted to a social enterprise (mezzanine loans, sub-ordinated loans, leases, profit-sharing loans, etc), as long as the loan does not exceed €500,000
  • The EaSI Guarantee only applies for investments into social enterprises whose turnover or balance sheet does not exceed €30 million or be listed on the stock market.
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