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Are you a local or regional authority? Do you provide social services? Do you fund the provision of social services? Do you want to make best use of your budget to invest in new, modern social infrastructure and innovation? Then InvestEU can be a new option for you.

InvestEU is the follow-up programme to the Investment Plan for Europe. It will last from 2021 to 2024 and will support initiatives which promote EU top priorities: recovery, green growth, employment and well-being.

To achieve this, InvestEU works on three main areas:

  • The InvestEU Fund: unlocking investment of over €372 billion over three years into European SMEs and infrastructure projects
  • Advice and support: providing support to stakeholders through the InvestEu  Advisory Hub and the InvestEU Portal 
  • Facilitating Legal Frameworks: supporting investment in the real economy

More information about the EU Investment Plan can be found here. 

InvestEU Fund facilitates access to better loans by using EU money as a guarantee for private investors. It is also helping multiple regions and cities to get access to loans at a decent rate for their investment plans.

The InvestEU Fund is expected to represent 372 billion euros. Moreover, by partnering with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and other financial institutions, the EU will provide a budget guarantee of 26.2 billion euros to increase the risk bearing capacity.

In most cases, a InvestEU intervention would provide a better loan deal for your needs than many other options. This is a result of the fact that InvestEU reduces the risk for Financial Intermediaries and the EIB to invest in your project by providing guarantees against a part of the possible losses.

It is however difficult to state with precision the advantages InvestEU and other EIB programmes may bring for your specific project given that your project would need to be analysed first. Such criteria would include matters such as income/revenue structures, sustainable business plans, good governance, et cetera.

The previous programme's Success Stories demonstrate however the benefits InvestEU could provide for your project plans.

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